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Helping People, Help Themselves

Community Services

seniorlife weatherization mats NGCA, Inc. operates a variety of programs and services to assist disadvantaged families in achieving stability and work towards the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency.These services are executed through a network of 10 community service centers located within each county of our primary service area.Each center is staffed with a Community Developer who works with families and individuals one on one to determine the level of assistance needed for each respective situation.*Please note, many of our Community Service Programs require individuals to meet federal published income guidelines before receiving assistance.
Senior centers providing meals, educational opportunities, games, trips, exercise & more. Reducing home heating & cooling costs for low income, disabled & elderly citizens. A source of transportation for our citizens in need of an alternative source of mobility
energyassistance food childandfamily
Financial assistance to low income citizens to offset the costs of home heating. Supporting food pantries/food banks that meet the nutritional needs of eligible residents. Focusing on children & family development to ensure that children are free of neglect.

Emergency Assistance

For many individuals and families, economic turmoil and hardships can be a very problematic. Whether it is the loss of a job, loss of income or the everyday difficulty of meeting the high cost of living, many families and individuals are without the resources necessary to maintain an acceptable standard of living. The form of Emergency Assistance that we offer includes rental/mortgage assistance, prescription medication assistance, utility crisis intervention, budget counseling and referrals.

Please contact your local Community Service Center for further information on services available in your area.

Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

The LIHEAP program focuses on providing financial assistance to qualifying applicants in order to offset the increased costs of energy utilized for home heating purposes during the winter season. This service is available in each of the ten counties located within our service area and qualifying recipients are allowed a one time annual benefit.

Key Dates for 2017 LIHEAP Program:

November 1, 2017 – Priority given to households in which all residents are age 65 and older, or all residents are deemed medically home-bound.
December 1, 2017 – Program opens to the general public. However, LIHEAP benefits are completely reliant on available funding and therefore are not guaranteed.

  • Benefits and Program Operation is subject to the availability of funding each year
  • Please see our Energy Assistance checklist under the Public Intake Forms Tab

Food Assistance

Many of our local Community Service Centers maintain a small food pantry. These food pantries provide food and hygiene items for families and individuals with emergency needs for food and hygiene provisions.